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Plumber Blackburn

CGC Plumbing Services – Blackburn’s trusted, fully-licensed and industry-recognised plumber.

Do you need the urgent, ASAP services of a first-rate emergency plumber? Blackburn locals, don’t fear - just call our mobile plumber on 0459 990 963 to book your appointment! Don’t let plumbing problems cause any more damage than they already have! Get quick, easy and affordable help with CGC.

Drain Cleaning Blackburn

At CGC Plumbing Services we specialise in drain cleaning. Blackburn home-owners dealing with stubborn and clogged drains and plumbing can count on us for fast unblocking help, meaning you can get things running back to normal sooner.

Emergency Plumber Blackburn

We’ve been providing our expert services as an emergency plumber to Blackburn and surrounding suburbs for over 15+ years – if you need blocked drains cleared, gas appliances installed or burst pipes fixed, we’ve got it covered.


emergency plumber Blackburn